SO – Here’s My Long-winded Plan…

OCTOBER?!?! That’s the last time I’ve been here. It’s almost July. That’s ridiculous. I guess the only way to get my writing out there is to post it.  I have a reminder set on my phone to update with *something* every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning-ish, but I’m definitely going for the once a week thing.

When I started this, I knew my long-winded ass had a lot to say, but I didn’t know of a general “theme” I should do.

  • Depression/Anxiety/Mental Illness?
  • Comedy?
  • Travel?
  • Use it as a diary, and hope no one ever sees?
  • Start a WordPress blog about how I don’t fully know how to do any of this (as far as design, code, etc.) but flap my jaw (or “flap my fingers”? Nah, that sounds dirty)?
  • My take on the insanity that is my everyday life?
  • My journey to finally become an aerialist/acrobat/contortionist, again?
  • Post my stories I’m finally writing, because people have been telling me I need to for a decade and a half?  No idea what to do with these stories (here’s a fine example), but I can’t forget them.
  • Talk about how my DIY 100% natural skincare saved my skin?

“The answer is J (J), all of the above…” (Pretty sure that’s how that song goes…)  I’m honestly going to wing it, and see what happens, I s’pose.  Enjoy the ride, kids!!!

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