Is there a “good way” to ask this? I’m truly asking…

Totally paraphrasing, but this part has been fun… I got plenty more like it!😂😝

“Hey, I know I just added you on here a couple months ago, and we haven’t said anything to each other since, but I’m attempting to write a book, because my mind’s feeble and I’m forgetting shit…

Anyhoo, do you mind if I write about that time in 1994, a couple weeks of me fresh outta boarding school, the same night the world collectively watched O.J. Simpson haulin’ ass in a Ford Bronco, when you & I got way too drunk on Mad Dog 20/20 & smoked way too much weed… Leading to me learn the hard way that I couldn’t do that on Zoloft, by passing out, in line, inside of that Exxon? Then you had to take me home, and I didn’t have a key, so you had to prop me up, ring the doorbell, and just wait for one of my parents to answer? Remember that crazy shit?!

I honestly don’t think we’ve spoken since about a week after that, but whatchya think?”🤣😘😇

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