Criminal Justice, Texas Style – Marijuana DWI While Sober- Part 1/7

This is all setup. Parts 2 – 7 are where the insanity starts. I get that a lot of people shouldn’t smoke weed and drive. I do get that. What I think a lot of people don’t get about that blanket statement is that these are some people’s legit, tested, & proven psych meds… You […]

You Make Plans, The Spaghetti Monster Laughs.

Ever wonder what it’s like to finally be with your first love for a little over a year (after waiting about 8ish years), only for him to get in a car accident? What if he lived, but was in a vegetative state, from the brain damage? Well, that is one level of hell I don’t […]

That Time They Got Me On Paper and Never Looked Back…

I wish this story took place while I was still a dumbass 18 year old senior in high school, but alas, it happened when I was a dumbass 25 year old massage therapy student. However, the start of it was my senior year in high school when I met Jay. I was 18, he was […]

4th or 5th Week Into Therapy😳

Just found out my poor new(ish… couple months) therapist is basically fresh outta college… Let’s see how fast she can hit the ground runnin’😂 (idano if she’s ready for all… *this*…🙋🏻‍♀️🤣)(Also, I know this is a weak ass post, especially for being two weeksbehind)😘

SO – Here’s My Long-winded Plan…

OCTOBER?!?! That’s the last time I’ve been here. It’s almost July. That’s ridiculous. I guess the only way to get my writing out there is to post it.  I have a reminder set on my phone to update with *something* every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning-ish, but I’m definitely going for the once a week thing. When […]

Is there a “good way” to ask this? I’m truly asking…

Totally paraphrasing, but this part has been fun… I got plenty more like it!😂😝 “Hey, I know I just added you on here a couple months ago, and we haven’t said anything to each other since, but I’m attempting to write a book, because my mind’s feeble and I’m forgetting shit… Anyhoo, do you mind […]

“And So Then We Drove From Houston to San Diego…”

My friend of 25 years, Bokonon, just got shit on by his wife of three months. He wanted to get away from his family (because they were right about her) for Christmas, and asked me how much money I had. “None. I actually have negative money.” “Well if we take your Prius, the money I’ll […]